Miguel’s Cafe & Pizza. Slade, Kentucky. |The Bourbon Soaked Mom|

Tucked quaintly in the confines of one of Kentucky’s most beautiful geological landscapes, The Red River Gorge, Miguel’s Cafe has been a staple in Slade for over thirty years. With it’s bright yellow store front, rustic decor and friendly staff, Miguel’s is both welcoming and intriguing. If you can jostle your way past the scores of people who are bound to be outside camping, or getting ready to go hiking, you will find that Miguel’s has become somewhat of a mecca for the outdoorsy, adventurers who seem to usually find their way to the hot-spot to grab a slice of pizza and a cold Ale8.


Miguel’s started from humble beginnings when Michael Ventura, an artist originally from Portugal, tired of life in California and decided to move his wife and his children to a farm in Slade. The family saw opportunity in the form of renting an old store front called The Old Jottem Down Store. They named their new business venture The Rainbow Door, and served mostly ice cream. In 1986, the family decided they would try their hand at making pizza and Miguel’s was born. The rest is history. The Ventura family, over time, befriended and began to know all the hikers and rock climbers who frequented the area, and thus a campground was formed. The campground is called “The Camp Four of the East” and is pretty much always full!

red river

Miguel’s is known for their awesome pizza, with their own bread and dough that is baked in house from scratch. You can also order your meals to be gluten free. Other than pizza they have bean bowls, potato bowls and salads. You can also enjoy their awesome breakfast (french toast is my favorite) complete with coffee, soda, or a variety of different juices.


There is a variety of some pretty awesome merchandise at Miguel’s. They have their own branded tees or tanks for both adults and kids. Miguel’s also offers climbing, hiking and camping equipment.

I stop by Miguel’s almost every time we go to the Red River Gorge. It’s a beautiful little place with great food, and an even better atmosphere. Miguel’s has transformed itself into somewhat of an icon in the area over the last ten years, and people from all over the world come to eat here. It isn’t uncommon to sit around outside on the picnic table and meet climbers and hikers from all over. This makes Miguel’s unique and special. The gritty, rustic feel goes perfectly with the scenery and you can’t deny the good vibes you get every time you open those ornately carved doors.

Miguel’s is a truly unique, Kentucky proud restaurant and one that I am glad is only an hour away from my home. I can go anytime I want!

For more information about Miguel’s, visit their website!



The Blessing and Curse of Being a Member of Big Blue Nation|The Bourbon Soaked Mom|

There comes a time in every young Kentuckian’s life where the abstract sounds originating from a radio start to turn into something recognizable. When that happens, it’s usually the voice of Tom Leach that first comes into focus. Outsiders should know that a love affair such as this is not by chance. Instead, it is a systematic indoctrination of superiority. An assembly line of cookie cutter members of the Big Blue Nation. Delusions of grandeur shaped not by the outside influence of television or other media but molded by the members of our household; the individuals who teach us right from wrong. So decade after decade, a new generation is bred to stand guard and hold a collegiate sports program to an impossible standard. Constant banners. This is Kentucky Basketball. The University of Kentucky is the most successful NCAA division I basketball program in history, with both the most all-time wins and the highest all time winning percentage. UK has a total of 54 NCAA tournament appearances, 120 tournament wins, 41 Sweet 16 appearances, and 36 Elite 8 appearances. The Wildcats have played in 17 NCAA Final Fours, and hang 8 (should have been 9, in my opinion) NCAA title banners in Rupp Arena. In 1946 and 1976 Kentucky won the NIT, making it the only school to notably win both the NCAA and NIT titles. Kentucky also leads all schools with 59 20-win seasons, 14 30-win seasons, and 6 35-win seasons.

UK basketball’s absurd success has spawned arguably the most hostile, spoiled, loyal and outrageous fan base in the history of any sport. The Big Blue Nation is a conglomerate of tried and true, die hard fans who encompass what being a sports fan is about…both good and bad. Loving UK basketball, and being a member of BBN is both a blessing and curse, let me explain.

For those of us born and raised in Kentucky, UK basketball has been ingratiated into our psyche from the moment we were able to make one singular thought. Since we were able to recognize color on a television (for some of you, read the word “Kentucky” on a uniform) we Kentuckians were taught to cheer louder, boast more arrogantly and become completely educated on the season’s team and coaches. Not only is this widely expected from Kentucky youth at a very young age, but it is essential. One must know the current starting line up as a young pup, and one must also pick out their favorite player and stick with him come hell or high water. We cringe with every injury. We hold our breath for every three. We check KSR like our lives depend on it. We scour every scouting report, analyze every up and coming recruit. We huddle together in living rooms, bars, and basements around the states to watch our Cats. We buy house rounds when they do well and we buy house rounds when they are doing bad. We throw remotes and kick in dry wall when they lose, not mention the intense period of scowling that will last all week until the next game comes along. We are raised to recognize the evils that are Arizona, Tennessee and South Carolina. But none are as loathsome or detestable as the blue devils, and even my four year old could spout you off a few choice cuss words and some face reddening insults about Coach K and his famous ball club.

Why? Because it’s all a part of this unknown, unpublished set of guidelines you inherited automatically when the good Lord blessed you by allowing you to be born in Kentucky, thus be born a part of the greatest tradition in college basketball.

This is how we grow up; believing we are the best. We are raised believing that we are superior to every other ball club, and during many seasons and many times we probably are. (Another arrogant rambling of a completely biased UK fan, of course.) That is also the problem. A big problem, and one that often leads to heartbreak when the season doesn’t exactly turn out the way we planned, or hoped, or expected. As I said earlier, you will never find a fan base more spoiled than BBN.

I cried myself to sleep last March when KAT and his band of brothers fell to Wisconsin in one of the most notorious losses in UK history. A time when I was definitely glad that Kentucky had historically perfected the art of distilling Bourbon, but even the stoutest Bourbon couldn’t quell the gut wrenching agony of BBN’s shattered expectations of UK’s perfect season, made complete only by hanging banner number 9. Here you have the curse. A feeling that is rooted down in your being so deeply that often times during losses or disappointments you’ll find yourself blaspheming the very person who indoctrinated you as a child (or maybe an adult) to the world of UK basketball. The struggle is very real, never more so for a UK fan than when the March shakes are fast approaching and as Hunter Thompson would say, the “big dance” is on the line.

The immense pressure that we as a fan base put on our players and coaches is completely unrealistic at times, but we can’t seem to stop, or realize that most of these kids are 18 year old boys. Boys who have never, or can never realize the sense of celebrity they will experience just by simply being a starter or a member of the University of Kentucky basketball program. Until they are in Lexington right in the middle of it. Like Coach Calipari said:

“You people are crazy.”

And it’s completely true. We are.





The Bourbon Social Instagram Giveaway |The Bourbon Soaked Mom|

It’s that time again to do another giveaway! This time the giveaway will be done on Instagram since the last one was focused on Facebook. I will be giving away two tickets The Bourbon Social’s Main Event on October 10th. Any of my fellow Bourbon lovers will absolutely love this shindig, where people come from all over to celebrate the kick-assery that is Kentucky Bourbon Culture.

The Bourbon Social is an eleven day celebration of Bourbon craft and culture. Located in the heart of the Bluegrass, mix in a little Kentucky hospitality and foods we are known for, and you’ve got one helluva party! Guests can choose from 13 events carefully crafted to keep the Bourbon Lover in mind! The Bourbon Social is a place where newcomers and enthusiasts alike come together and celebrate all things KENTUCKY.


  • Bourbon Crawl
  • Bourbon Brunch
  • VIP Progressive Dinner
  • Beer, Bourbon & Bacon Garden Party
  • Bourbon Camp
  • Bourbon & Bites; A Taste Outside the State
  • Keeneland Tailgate
  • VIP Pre-Event & Cocktail Competition
  • Seminar Series
  • Main Event
  • Distillery Brunch

For details, dates, times and location, and information on where to purchase tickets, please visit here:http://thebourbonsocial.com/


October 10th


Location: The Campbell House

The Main Event will host the best of the best in the food industry across the state, as well as the best bourbons that Kentucky has to offer! Guests will travel from room to room nibbling on Kentucky, Bourbon or Southern inspired fare, as well as tastings of American Native Spirit. Live music, signature cocktails, book signings and giveaways, plus the announcement for the 2015 Cocktail Competition! Cash bar is also available!

To enter to win tickets to The Bourbon Social’s Main Event, head on over to Instagram, screen shot TBSM’s Featured Image (the picture with me holding a bottle of Bourbon in the woods, because don’t all KY girls take the alcohol for a walk?) and share on your IG page! Next:

1: Tag @thebourbonsoakedmom

2: Share your favorite brand of Bourbon

3: Tag two other friends who love Kentucky Bourbon Culture!

I will be announcing the winner on October 1st, so hurry and enter!


Attention: Please be sure that you make your Instagram account public so that I will be able to see that you have entered. You WILL NOT be entered to win by sharing on Facebook. This is an INSTAGRAM only contest! Thanks guys!


Quotes About Kentucky That Will Make You Proud Of Your Heritage. |The Bourbon Soaked Mom|

“I am more than just a serious basketball fan. I am a life-long addict. I was addicted from birth, in fact, because I was born in Kentucky and I learned, early on, that Habitual Domination was a natural way of life.” -Hunter S. Thompson


Soon after, I returned home to my family, with a determination to bring them as soon as possible to live in Kentucky, which I esteemed a second paradise, at the risk of my life and fortune. -Daniel Boone


“Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place.” -Daniel Boone


“I love Kentucky people, but you’ve got to get on the inside before they accept you.” -Margo Martindale


“The first time I managed to pick up a basketball I knew I was destined to lead the UK to another National championship. … Even now, so many years later, I still believe Kentucky will go undefeated in March & win everything.” -Hunter S. Thompson


“I have never in my life seen a Kentuckian who didn’t have a gun, a pack of cards, and a jug of whiskey.” -Andrew Jackson


“Gusts of snow blew in front of the car as he felt his way toward Man o’ War Boulevard …. The snow-covered fields made him think of the desert. Black fences rimmed with snow created a grid against the blank, vanished ground. He saw five snow-blanketed horses huddled under a clump of trees …. He was surprised they weren’t lolling on feather beds in their climate-controlled barns. Racehorses got better care than some people, he thought.” – Bobbi Ann Mason


“Bourbon, Kentucky bourbon especially, is like Dante’s Inferno in a glass, fire walks down your throat, lungs, and heart and everything in between with an unpleasant after-taste. We got along just fine.” -Bruce Crown


I never met a Kentuckian who wasn’t either thinking about going home or actually going home.” -Happy Chandler


“To be born in Kentucky is a heritage; to brag about it is a habit; to appreciate it is a virtue.”-Irvin Cobb



“Kentucky wasn’t a place you could just be in. You had to be from there, or everything about you was strange.” Anne Patchett


“If these United States can be a called a body, Kentucky can be called it’s heart.” -Jesse Stuart 


Windy Corner Market. Rustic Dining with No-Nonsense Food. Bryan Station, Kentucky.|The Bourbon Soaked Mom|

Nestled delicately (and abruptly) along a country back road on Bryan Station Road, The Windy Corner Market is a rustic, and no nonsense eatery serving up delightful country cooking, and no fuss breakfast foods. Situated quaintly right slap in the middle of horse country, the scenery and atmosphere not only coincide with the restaurant theme, but actually makes the food taste better, the lemonade fresher, and lead you to be even more proud that you are from the Bluegrass state.

Fashioned after an old country store, Windy Corner is authentic as they come without being decades old. Bead-board on the walls,red tin roof, reclaimed barn wood flooring, antique pictures adorning the walls with a screened in porch out back and fields of wildflowers on all sides. One of the aims for Windy Corner is to provide a market for local farms and farmers, and boy, do they provide.



A part of the “buy local” movement, Windy Corner purchases the majority of their food from local farms. Everything is fresh, the vegetables brought in from nearby gardens, the catfish farmed locally in nearby ponds, even the beef is Lexington cattle. You can taste the difference in terms of freshness and quality. Situated between some of America’s most celebrated and famous horse farms, Chef and owner Ouita Michel aims to create another legend with a restaurant that honors local farmers and great food.

My favorite menu item has to be any of their “Po’Boy” sandwiches, on locally made brioche. The menu is not limited, Windy Corner is about variety, including the country ham, a local favorite, and fried catfish dinner. My husband’s favorite. Dinner specials range from meatloaf to steamed lobster, with many “Kentucky” favorite wines and beers to accompany your meal.

I am a country eater, and I always have been. I am a fan of anything that I can use my hands to eat, and anything that automatically comes with a sweet and tangy pickle on the side. Comfort food is what I was raised on. As delicious as the food is, and great as the atmosphere might be, there is another added bonus. Windy Corner offers a wide variety of locally made, or hand crafted gifts or edibles. Jams, jellies, cook books, table linens, glassware, and soaps just to name a few odds and ends. The Bourbon honey and Bluegrass Horse tumblers were my favorites.




I feel familiarity at Windy Corner. I feel very comfortable, and at home. Every time I have visited, I’ve felt that this restaurant is a place for everyone. College students sit outside, wayfarers and UK gear in tow, on the farmhouse picnic tables and sip their craft beer, or Kentucky Ale. Elderly couples wander in, hand in hand, usually regulars, and order themselves Ale 8’s and a slice of delectable homemade pie. Families huddle in corners, waiting for a table big enough to seat their brood, the Dad in a visor and golf shirt, holding a jovial toddler and cocking his ear for his name to be called. Young, old, rich, poor. Everyone frequents Windy Corner, and everyone seems to love it. Always a smile when you pass, despite how crowded it usually is. Always a friendly “Hello” to be exchanged from table to table, forks clinking and ketchup running down hungry chins. Windy Corner is undeniably Kentucky, which is one of the most beautiful things in the world, to me anyways.




Stop in and enjoy Windy Corner Market, and experience a true “Kentucky Proud” restaurant.

For more about Windy Corner, the menu, and hours of operation, click the link below!




The Makery’s Grand Opening. Manchester, Kentucky. |The Bourbon Soaked Mom|

Saturday, I rolled myself out of bed to drive an hour away to hit up this amazing little handmade-handcrafted boutique grand opening that I just happened upon on Instagram. Jessalynn, the fabulous owner, visionary, fellow Mama and blogger (link to follow) personally invited me to the shindig, so I was super excited to go!

Manchester has always held a soft spot in my heart because half of my family calls Clay county home. I spent countless summers on my Dad’s farm in Sexton’s Creek, and I have many dear memories, whether it was going to Pat’s or just crusing downtown in a beat up pick up truck.

When I found out the Makery would be a brick and mortar shop that would be opening directly downtown, I thought it was a fantastic idea, and such a positive step to attract both young and older generations to not only come and shop downtown once again, but to also invest in downtown business. So many of our East Kentucky downtowns that were once booming have suffered such losses with the onslaught on commericalism, and the dwindling demand for Mom & Pop shops. Revitlization depends on the people, and the only way to help the problem, is to take steps to make downtown tangible again. The Makery certainly does just that.


With it’s custom made signs, tiffany blue door, and old time/artisan feel, The Makery has found a perfect home in the building that it inhabits. Hard wood floors, a rustic vibe and beautiful decorations all add a perfect atmosphere for a place that specializes in handmade, handcrafted & vintage goodies. Three things that I both love and know a few things about. Jessalynn and her team have done a wonderful job bringing the building back to life, and matching the mood to the merchandise.


Vintage clothing and dresses adorn the walls, along with Kentucky themed tee shirts & designs like jewelry, necklaces, rings and earrings. All of the jewelry is handmade and handcrafted to give it that special one of a kind feel. I bought a wire wrapped “Ale8” bangle, and I absolutely love it. I wore it out on date night later that evening and got so many compliments. I also came away with a Boho inspired camera strap, and a coffee mug with “Vintage” Pyrex inspired graphic designs on it.


If you’re in the Clay County/Manchester area, I highly suggest you stop by the Makery. They have a little something for everyone, artisian soap, hand printed graphics, specially designed duffels, and boho chic purses. You;re in for a real treat, and I dare you to try and buy only one item!



IMG_6393Head on to Main Street in Manchester and the Makery a shot! Shopping local and supporting our locally owned and operated businesses is so important to revitalizing our small towns and making our downtown areas special again!

Follow the Makery on Instagram to see cool items listed every day! @themakeryky

Kentucky Brewed Tees |Brand Ambassador |The Bourbon Soaked Mom|

I am so happy & excited to announce that I am one of the new brand ambassadors for Kentucky Brewed Tees! I have teamed up with them on several occasions to promote their wonderful brand and vision, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to now represent their collections & share with my readers how awesome their present & future merchandise is! This company is East Kentucky proud, Kentucky proud and just generally honest & kind. Their “Love More” campaign was a huge success & such an amazing idea to promote positive vibes and generosity, not to mention their recent endeavors to help/raise money for the Johnson County flood victims was such an amazing thing to do for our fellow Eastern Kentuckians in need. It was not a hard decision when I was asked to be a brand ambassador, OF COURSE, I said yes!

These are some of my favorites that are currently up for purchase. The shirts are a buttery soft blend of cotton,rayon & polyester, and NO, they will not/do not shrink! I absolutely love a soft, vintage-y feeling tee because they are so versatile, which is (important) for me, not to mention unparalleled in terms of comfort. As a Mom, sometimes I just want to throw on a tee and go. There are also times when I just want to dress the tee shirt up and little and these are perfect for just that, and showing off how proud you are to be a Kentuckian.

Here’s a few shots of how I style my KBT shirts. Hope you enjoy! Give em a visit on Facebook, and a follow on Instagram! @kentuckybrewedtees

Here’s the link to purchase, or ya’ll can go visit em’ yourself in the Mayo Plaza! Happy huntin’ ya’ll!


Don’t forget, in honor of becoming an Ambassador for the brand, my readers can use the code: BRBNSOAKEDMOM for 10 percent off your purchase!


















You can also purchase “The Bourbon Soaked Mom” collab with KBT through my own personal boutique, Bourbon Soaked Boutique. “The Mountains are Calling” tee is a great way to show how proud you are to be from Eastern Kentucky! The tees will be available for Pre-Order now through the 21st, and then will be shipped out after a week or so! Be patient, and kind, it’s my first pre-order and collab, and we are very excited! Purchase yours here:


Screenshot 2015-08-11 15.51.37


The Bourbon Social Giveaway |The Bourbon Soaked Mom|

Hey Ya’ll! No secret, I’m a BOURBON LOVER. I drink it straight, on the rocks, mixed in cocktails, and flavored into my food. I enjoy Bourbon, not only for it’s taste, bite and grit, but also for everything BOURBON stands for, and represents in our great state of Kentucky.

That’s why I am super excited to announce that TBSM is headed to The Bourbon Social this October, and I’ll be teaming up with them to give away two tickets to the MAIN EVENT!


What is The Bourbon Social?

The Bourbon Social is an eleven day celebration of Bourbon craft and culture. Located in the heart of the Bluegrass, mix in a little Kentucky hospitality and foods we are known for, and you’ve got one helluva party! Guests can choose from 13 events carefully crafted to keep the Bourbon Lover in mind! The Bourbon Social is a place where newcomers and enthusiasts alike come together and celebrate all things KENTUCKY.



  • Bourbon Crawl
  • Bourbon Brunch
  • VIP Progressive Dinner
  • Beer, Bourbon & Bacon Garden Party
  • Bourbon Camp
  • Bourbon & Bites; A Taste Outside the State
  • Keeneland Tailgate
  • VIP Pre-Event & Cocktail Competition
  • Seminar Series
  • Main Event
  • Distillery Brunch

For details, dates, times and location, and information on where to purchase tickets, please visit here: http://thebourbonsocial.com/


October 10th


Location: The Campbell House

The Main Event will host the best of the best in the food industry across the state, as well as the best bourbons that Kentucky has to offer! Guests will travel from room to room nibbling on Kentucky, Bourbon or Southern inspired fare, as well as tastings of American Native Spirit. Live music, signature cocktails, book signings and giveaways, plus the announcement for the 2015 Cocktail Competition! Cash bar is also available!


I am so excited to be taking a part in such a great event! All you Bourbon lovers out there, be sure not to miss this chance to celebrate Kentucky Bourbon culture! It’s going to be a great time!

Be sure to stay tuned for more information about brand releases, the homegrown heroes movement and much more about The Bourbon Social!

Enter to Win TWO tickets on Facebook!

1: Like & share this post!

2: Like The Bourbon Soaked Mom and The Bourbon Social on Facebook!

After you share, & like us, tag three friends in the comments!

Spread the word! Winner will be announced August 31st!

All photos on the post where done by the lovely & talented Natasha Raichel, of Natasha Raichel Photography.
Be sure to check her website & facebook page out!



The East Kentucky Blog Society; Bloggers Who Brunch |The Bourbon Soaked Mom|

The East Kentucky Blog Society has officially and formally met, and man, was it fun. There is something special about being in the company of such beautiful, and intelligent women who are all about empowering one another, sharing mutual interests, and working toward a common goal.

Erin Joseph hosted us at her beautiful home in downtown Hazard, displaying her fine china, cut glass decanters, crystal stemware, fresh flower center pieces, and lace tablecloths. The brunch was as elegant as it was fun. The spread of food was fresh, light, and perfect for a day filled with peach mimosas, and fruity cocktails.

I enjoyed sitting down and chatting with other ladies who blog, often times many people (especially in my hometown) do not understand blogging, why we do it, or what we get out of it. It was truly refreshing to bounce back and forth some ideas for collaborations and shoot the breeze with those who know and understand what I am talking about.

Not to mention Natasha Raichel took some extremely beautiful pictures of the day. She is amazing, and so young level headed, and hardworking. I was certainly proud to have her with us. She does some amazing work.

I am so proud to be included in this group. Look for more from us, we will be doing some BIG things. Promise.

The girls from East Kentucky Blog Society Include:

Erin Joseph: Mimosa Memoirs

Briana Davis: My Blessed Existence

Brittany Deskins: The Lady Lawyer

Candice Cornett: Growing Faith, Gaining Wisdom










High Street Fly in Lexington KY |The Bourbon Soaked Mom|

All I’m going to say is, if you’re looking for a bad-ass Kentucky tee, or some unique KY merchandise, High Street Fly in Lexington is most certainly your place. I happened upon this awesome little shop via Instagram and honestly, I love every single piece of thing they have. From handmade pottery, to tee shirts, to bourbon glasses, I want it ALL.

I never really put clothing on my blog, because I’m not a fashion blogger. But, I LOVE anything that has to do with the promotion and branding of everything Kentucky. This shop is the epitome of “Kentucky Quirky Cool”. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. Plus, their ‘Bourbon State’ tee shirt, is just so ME. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it, already!


IMG_4378 (2)IMG_4243 (2)

IMG_4372 (3)

Check out their tee shirts, pottery and more!



Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!


Place Orders at their official website!


887 E High St

Lexington, Kentucky