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I have discovered the holy grail of consignment shops, nestled right here in Eastern Kentucky. Yes! I said, EASTERN KENTUCKY! Our region houses one of the finest upscale consignment stores that (in my opinion) rivals any I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to many. Annie’s has been in business since 2009, with the big pink building being their 3rd location. A member of NARTS (national association of retail thrift stores), they have over 2500 cosigners, including myself! Not only is their business thriving, but their beliefs and vision includes giving back to their community while promoting the growth of their small town and surrounding rural counties.


Located across from the Pine Mountain Grill in the pink brick building, Annie’s is both unique and quirky. The store has a boutique feel, and houses brands including, but not limited to Lilly Pulitzer, Mud Pie, designers like Hermes, Coach, Kate Spade, and Louis Vuitton. Depending on how long things last, usually items sale out without minutes! (Honestly, if you haven’t followed them on Instagram and gotten their notifications, I suggest it!)  Annie’s has not only women and men’s clothing, but purses, wallets, jewelry, shoes and household items such as glassware, furniture and wall decor. Not to mention, Annie’s is also fully stocked in baby and kid’s clothing, toys and accessories! I recently purchased a large bulk of Greyson’s school clothes, name brand items like Gymboree, Ralph Lauren, Children’s Place and Under Armor. I also like to buy some of my husband’s golf clothing there because it is so expensive if you purchase it from somewhere like Dick’s or Taylor Made. Each item accepted at Annie’s is hand inspected and looks basically brand new for a fraction of what it would cost me to buy it out right. The last items I purchased for myself were a couple of shirts from J. Crew and Loft and one still had tags on it!


Annie’s is locally and family owned, with the real life Annie (the name sake, and daughter of owner Debbie Campbell) working full times as the store’s sale manager. Debbie Reyn Campbell, the owner was both gracious enough to allow me to come and photograph her store, but she and Annie were also there to take my consignment and meet me formally. I’ve been going places and doing blogs on local EKY business for almost two years and this was best reception I believe i’ve ever had. After some warm conversation, it became evident that she and I both share the same love for our area, and truly believe in the shop local, buy local movement, Campbell added:

“We put money back into our community everyday. Half of every purchase goes back into the hands of a consignor. We make a difference in peoples lives by helping them to create supplemental income and by offering a place to purchase nice quality items at an affordable price. I love the fact that we not only provide jobs for our area (we’ve had as many as 4 employees even though we only have two right now). I don’t count myself. I love that we re-purpose and recycle items that otherwise might be wasted. And I love that we are a vital part of our area.”



If you’re interested in becoming a consignor at Annie’s there are several guidelines to follow. Annie’s accepts consignments on Wednesday and Friday. You receive half of whatever the item sells for when it sells. They keep it on the floor for 60-90 days. Annie’s only accepts in-season items and are currently accepting summer. Any items that do not sell are donated at the end of the selling period unless they are priced $50 or more in our store. In which case, we call you and you have 5 days to pick them up. We accept brand name only. We do not take formals, maternity, or scrubs.



I suggest making a trip to Annie’s and making a day of it. Go check it out and enjoy Letcher country. There are several places to eat, and Annie’s is close to down town. It’s easy to spend a few hours in there just browsing and chatting. I enjoy it every single time I stop in. I believe it’s such a great idea to help people feel beautiful, and dress nice at a fraction of the cost, while also helping put money back into the pockets and businesses of the people of Eastern Kentucky. I would 10-1 rather give my business and money to a place where I know they are going to turn around and funnel their profits back into their small town instead of sending it out of state. Campbell insists her favorite part of running Annie’s is helping others and meeting new people.

“The main thing I love about our store is that we get to meet lots of people that we wouldn’t otherwise have known. And so many of those people have made our lives nicer and better. We love our store and we love the people of Eastern Kentucky. Its just a blessing to get to do what we do.”


Add Annie’s Frugal Finery on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.


Instagram: @anniesfrugalfinery

From now until the end of August, if you go in to Annie’s and either mention this TBSM article, or show them on your phone you can receive 20 percent off your purchase! Happy Shopping!


What will 30 dollars get you in a full day of Thrifting??

This morning I managed to have a mini vacation in the form of going thrifting, kid-less and husband- less. That meant I could browse for hours if I wanted to and dig through every dusty nook and cranny the stores had to offer. I have five dollars in cash, and I took my coffee to go. I always keep in mind what I am looking for before I go so I don’t waste any time on things that I don’t need. (It is easy to buy things that will just junk up your house, if you’re not careful). Today, I needed to find some pictures for my upstairs dining room, a picture for the downstairs living room, and I was on the outlook for a new book.

I didn’t get to Goodwill as early as I would have liked, but I pulled into the store at 10 o’clock. Off I went. I always go to house hold/furniture items first because those are the things that people pick through first. It is always iffy for me in this area at Goodwill. I like to come during seasonal transition periods because that is when everyone is cleaning out their houses and throwing their things out. With most things bought secondhand, you need to make sure that you properly check, clean and disinfect the pieces prior to bringing them in your home. Here is a good guide.

My Husband has been in the process of re-doing his office in our home, and he really loves pieces from the website Restoration Hardware. Everything from there is gorgeous, but not exactly budget friendly. I always keep an eye of for worn leather pieces, bar-ware, decanters or drink trays. I stumbled upon a mid century style leather chair for ten dollars that I knew he would like. It had a piece of upholstery torn from the arm but that was the only thing that seemed to be wrong with it. I figured I could drape a throw over it until I could find a way to have it repaired. For 10 dollars, I couldn’t pass it up.

Restoration Hardware – $2120.00



I’m so proud I got this for $10!

The picture on the left is the chair that I purchased. On the right is a comparable chair from Restoration Hardware. My find is used and of lesser quality, but my husband gets a similar look for his office. I also won’t feel sick to my stomach if my two-year old decides to hone his artistic skills on the leather. There is also the difference in price. I feel confident that we can use the $2,110.00 dollars difference on something more beneficial, like the bills for a few months.

After I had reserved the chair, (trust me, if you see a piece you want, go ahead and reserve it and have them put a sold sign on it. I have had people buy things right out from under me before, especially with a super cheap and super practical piece of furniture. People can be rude.) I went to see if they had any pictures that I wanted. I found a huge picture, framed and with a good mat and backing for 7 dollars. I wasn’t exactly crazy about the picture, but the frame alone was worth the money. I am still playing with idea of re-staining the frame a darker color. I went ahead and got it, I can always switch prints if I come across something that I like better later.

Before I left, I wanted to check out the coats, because I always like to see what the have. Sometimes I find really good stuff. I have A LOT of coats, way more than I need and I usually end up giving a lot of what I find away. I came across another vintage London Fog trench, but this one was much nicer than my previous one. It is a winter/all weather trench, that has removable fur on the inside for cold days. It was 5 dollars. Again, another steal.

I also picked up two stoneware, hand painted coffee mugs to display on my coffee bar/wine rack upstairs in my kitchen. I enjoy nice coffee mugs, I drink it every single day and I have a good collection of pretty ones that I set out on display. I gave a dollar for two that were matching. Even my husband liked them.

My last stop was Nu2U where I found a beautiful picture for 5 dollars. I had been looking at for a while. Actually, the picture is part of a set, and I first saw them in the ladies restroom at The Windy Corner Market in Lexington. I will have to keep my eye out for the rest of them. By the way, if you ever get a chance to eat there, do, everything is locally grown, and it is a super cute place! I also found a book for a buck that I have already read half of. Jack and Jackie. Of course, it would be a Kennedy book. Kyle laughs at me. It is a guilty pleasure.

 All in all, today was a good day for me. Everything in my house has been re-purposed or bought from a thrift store. As a first-starting-out couple with two kids, it just isn’t practical for us to go out and spend a ton of money on decorating and furniture when we have two rug rats that are just going to dirty it all up!

Mid-century modern armchair ————– $10.00
Large Interior picture ————————–$7.00
London Fog Trench ————————— $5.00
Medium Interior picture ———————- $5.00
(2) Stoneware mugs ————————— $1.00
Paperback ————————————— $1.00
A few hours to renew my sanity ————- Priceless
                                                         TOTAL:  $29.00

Good Luck out there!

The Art of Thrifting, Antique-ing and Yardsale Pickin.

My Aunts and Grandmother taught me how to thrift when I was about 10 years old. I was hooked. It was like a sport. Finding that special piece, or getting that fab vintage sundress for a buck. Is there any greater feeling?

Now that I am older, I still love doing it. I get my butt up at 8 30 and I hit every yard sale and second hand shop in town. I have actually gotten really good at it, to tell you the truth. I post a lot of what I find on my instagram and facebook and I have had a lot of people ask me how I do it. Well, I will give you my five tips that I use to help me get the best result for my days of thrifting.

1: If you are going thrifting, do not look like you have stepped out of the pages of glamour. If the person selling that gorgeous antique steamer chest sees that you are packing around an expensive purse and wearing top dollar clothing, chances are they are going to start the price out high because they will think you  will pay it. You can’t barter with somebody when you start out like that. They just won’t do it. All they will do is think you are cheap, sorry. Wear jeans and a tee shirt with sneakers or flip flops. Be normal. You don’t need to be all done up for anywhere where you will have to use antibacterial gel after you come out. Dust, people!

2: The early bird get the worm. Seriously. This is so important. Look in the paper or on the internet to see when places open, or when people are having a sale, whatever. First come first serve. Nothing is more of a downer than going somewhere that has been picked over.

3: In places like Goodwill, The Mission, or local second hand stores or peddlers mall, be friendly and have a good relationship with the people who work there or own the place. A lot of times if they get something they think you will be interested in, they will put it back or let you know when they have it so you can come see. They may also let you know when they are putting out new stuff and that is major.

4: Rely on facebook. I know this sounds funny, but a lot of peddlers will post items online when they get them. This, (I think) does take some of the fun out of it, but if you see something you HAVE to have, then you can message them and have them hold it for you. I found Kyle a beautiful Orvis leather briefcase at PJ’s Attic that I HAD to have. I called her and she kept it for me until I could round my kids up to go pick it up. I paid 50 dollars for it, I looked it up online on the Orvis website…..brand new they are almost 700 bucks.  Yep.

5: Take the time to scour the place you are going. Make a day of it. A lot of these places are slapped full of goodies. If you are in a rush, you may miss something amazing. When I go with my Mom, Aunts and Grandma, I get a sitter, tell my husband he will see me when he sees me and we go all out. Pack snacks, pop, take a cooler and enjoy your company. We have the best time. Sometimes we find awesome stuff, sometimes we don’t find a thing. But it is always an adventure, and to me that is what it’s all about.

I love getting vintage books for Greyson and River. I never pay over 25 cents for a book. I found these little golden books for a dime a piece. Greyson loves them, and they are also a cool way to decorate a nursery or kids room, they look beautiful in a bookshelf!

Glassware is also a favorite of mine. I love depression glass, carnival glass, McCoy, Hull, Roseville, Milk Glass and I have an extensive collection of Blue Willow China. The problem with glassware is that either the person (A.) Knows what the have is worth money and they price it pretty expensive or (B.) They just want to get rid of it. You can find a lot of good deals on glassware at Estate Sales, places like Goodwill or the Mission, because a lot of times they don’t know what they have. Beware of antique shops if you are looking for a deal on things like this. I recently went to a shop where they had my Carnival Glass punch bowl for sale for 300 dollars. Nobody wants to pay that. Come on.

When I go thrifting for clothing, I always look for durable, classic pieces that will work well with everything else in my wardrobe. Last year, at Goodwill, I found a vintage (1950)ish London Fog all weather trench coat for 5 bucks. It is identical to the one pictured above. I absolutely love it. I had it dry cleaned and I wear it all the time. It was in perfect condition and was a complete steal, it is one of my favorite things that I have ever found.

I like to look for unique dresses too. Especially in the summer. I love sun dresses, I can just throw them on and go. It is hard, (especially around here) to find something that not everyone else has. I have a collection of vintage sun dresses that I have picked up here and there that I get complements on all the time. I always have mine dry cleaned and pressed, it does make a difference. Sometimes those things have been in attics or not washed in years.

Happy Thrifting, everyone! I hope ya’ll find lots of treasures and pay almost nothing for them!!