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I really can’t stress enough how much I love ETSY. There is so much on there to plunder through, and so many possibilities. Not too long ago, I was looking for dresses (vintage) of course, and I happened upon this amazing little shop, Moon in Leo, out of Canada. Moon in Leo specializes in funky, eclectic, boho chic with delicate hippie details, and mint condition vintage. Swoon.

With satin and silk slip dresses, scalloped lace blouses, and Mexican embroidered sheaths, I fell in love instantly. I ended up purchasing a shear champagne, sequin dress with scalloped edges, and hand stitched detail that was from the 70s and an absolute dream. For under 40 bucks! I call it my Studio 54 dress and I adore it.

b-2-2bourbonsoakedmom2Not to mention, Mitka, the owner is fabulous, efficient, easy to communicate with and more than accommodating to her customers! Here are some more of my favorite pieces available now in her lovely little shop!







Be sure to check out Mitka, and MooninLeoShop on Etsy and Instagram!

Instagram is @mooninleoshop

All Photos of me are by Natasha Raichel Photography


FoxHouse Vintage && The Lexington Diner: New Obsessions

Everyone knows my love for all things vintage, and how obsessed I am with unique vintage shops. I stumbled upon this sweet little store’s Facebook page and I have been absolutely dying to go here for months. Last night, Kyle and I caught the UK game and first thing this morning I drove my tail out to West 6th street and rambled through racks upon racks of heaven at Fox House vintage.  Can I go ahead and tell you how much I wanted to buy every single thing they had??

As soon as I walked into the store, I saw in the window on display a band tee from “The Smiths” and I knew this was a place from my own heart. Through the door I was greeted by a table with chunky knit (and very soft) vintage sweaters and scarves, vintage Keeneland sweatshirts, and 5 dollars (very cool) tee shirts. It took me an hour to sift through four racks of vintage dresses where I was dying over a mint green Jackie O inspired sheath dress (complete with a bow in the front and ruffled collar) but of course, it wasn’t my size. I picked through embroidered kimonos, sequined pencil skirts, mid century cocktail dresses and fur stoles. I had to drag myself away from cocktail rings and costume jewelry, and meanwhile, my husband sifted through stacks of vinyls and 8 tracks.

Everything was surprisingly affordable. Most of the time when I walk into a true vintage store, I honestly expect it to be priced extremely unreasonably. Most of the people that own these stores think just because something is old means they can put an outrageous price tag on it, and it’s these kinds of people that I honestly steer clear of, especially when it comes to buying vintage clothing. Thank God the adorable lady running this place is the farthest thing from one of these people! Not only was she just downright cool, she actually interacted with her customers and helped me out in any way she could.  When I commented on her (in my opinion) superb pricing she added that she had things priced to move, otherwise it just adds up and you end up collecting instead of selling. Makes plenty of sense to me. I was also extremely impressed with the level of diversity in the store. There were so many things to choose from, and not only women’s stuff, but men’s stuff as well. Coats, jackets, dresses, pants, skirts, jewelry, pretty much everything. I really enjoyed stopping in there, I only wish that I had made more time to really look around. I was sort of in a rush, and didn’t even bring a good camera, hence the poor picture quality. I did as best I could with my cell phone.

The real reason that I wanted to go and look here was because I was in the market for a dress for a charity ball that I am going to next month. I have absolutely no desire to go pay 500 dollars for a cocktail dress that I will wear one time and then it will hang in my closet for the next five years, untouched. Vintage, in these cases, is the best way to go. No buyers remorse and when you are done with it, you can always resell or just get rid of it. I walked away with a 28 buck vintage emerald green-silk number that I am certain I wouldn’t love any more even if it were brand new. I actually had bought a new dress to wear and I am taking it back because I like the vintage one much better, and it fits me like a glove. I can’t show the whole picture because I’ve not worn it yet, but here is a little sneak peak. I adore it. If you are in the Lex area, you should for sure stop in and check this amazing little store out. Very retro, and I fell in love with everything about it. It’s a true gem.

After dragging my poor husband shopping for hours, we were both absolutely starving and I wanted to “get lost and find somewhere to eat.” We ended up at The Lexington Diner and had to place all to ourselves. I love diners. The whole feel and vibe just makes me comfortable and reminds me of Hazard. I honestly detest chain restaurants with lines and awful music. A sign outside said “Brunch all day Saturday.” Um, okay, I’m sold. To put a cherry on top, they had a special going on, a hot-brown omelet. Count me in. I will eat hot brown anything. I sat by the window and people watched while I sipped my black coffee. They even played some Rush and Heart while we were eating, awesome. It actually was pretty perfect. The service was excellent and quick, and our server was so friendly. I really do love Lexington. It’s such a beautiful little space, with such unexpected things. These two places really did brighten up my day, and I so look forward to stopping back in the next time I am in town, and so should you if you are ever in that area. 

Hot Brown Omelet
Coffee at The Lexington Diner

I have included the links to both Foxhouse Vintage and The Lexington Diner below:

Foxhouse Vintage

Lexington Diner

Address: Fox House- 123 W 6th Street Lexington KY

Address: Lexington Diner- 124 N Upper Street Lexington KY

Fall is HERE! Black Gold, Festival Food, and Crafts!

I absolutely love fall. When I was young, I remember it being such a magical time for myself and for my cousins. My Grandpa would help us rake mounds and mounds of leaves, and laugh, as we would roll down hills, and end up with caterpillars in our hair and chiggers all over us. My Mom’s house always smelled like pumpkin and gingerbread, and as the days got shorter and cooler, and school wound back into routine, I loved the crispness of the air and easiness of sweaters, and boots. The anticipation of Halloween, and picking out which costume to wear, and where to go trick or treating was always one of my favorite things. My Aunt and Uncle would throw huge Halloween parties at their home, complete with a terrifying (haunted) obstacle course, centered around their own home-made legend of a ghoul who lived out back named JR. (yes, we all believed it.) Now, I am a Mother and I hope to make Fall as magical for my children as my family once made it for me. Fall to me still means many things. For as long as I can remember, there has always been one thing, to me, that has symbolized the beginning of Autumn, and that would be the Black Gold Festival, here in good ole Hazard.

The Black Gold Festival was held last weekend, and of course I had to lug my two babies downtown to get some delicious (and fattening) festival food. I know that most people here in town (and sometimes myself included) talk about how much they dislike the Black Gold, but it does bring in revenue to Hazard, so I can’t talk too negatively about it. It is hard dealing with the traffic (especially because I live in town) but I do feel very nostalgic about the festivities. I used to love going to the carnival, getting a wrist band and riding the scrambler and tilt-o-whirl all day, until I lost my lunch. Trying your best to win a goldfish or a bunny rabbit at the Carnival games, or playing darts with balloons to win some cheesy pop culture poster. I have fond memories of the Black Gold in it’s glory days.

I always enjoying going downtown and seeing people that I know. You can always count on seeing almost everyone that you went to school with, and half of the people that you know, which isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s nice to catch up. I ended up running into my dear friend, Ms. Alison Wells, who is not only a great attorney, but a great person as well. She is running for Circuit Judge in November, and was doing a fantastic job, handing out free waters and lemonade at her booth. I just think the world of her, she has been so kind to me over the years, and she will make a fantastic Judge.

I couldn’t leave without browsing through the craft booths, which are always filled with local vendors. I like to shop local, because if everyone did, we could really boost our economy. I was really impressed with the diversity of goods they offered this year. From home made quilts, to custom cut belts, down to refurbished furniture and local gemstones. It was truly interesting to just go and look and take everything in.

Of course, I also had to get a funnel cake, and a blooming onion. Festival food staples, I am ashamed to say we demolished every bit!

Fall is truly a time of those last few cookouts, festivals, pumpkin patches and playgrounds. The Black Gold, for me, has always symbolized the beginning. I am always just a little excited for it, (yes, I am a kid at heart) and always a tiny bit sad to see it go. My babies enjoyed it, and therefor, I enjoyed it. (My Husband, not so much.) But here’s to the beginning of fall! May you all have lots of Apple Cider, bountiful Halloween Candy, pumpkin spice everything, and lots of love and laughter.

PJ’s Attic is Hazard’s Local Treasure Trove.

 Located conveniently on East Main, in Hazard Ky, PJ’s Attic, is Hazard’s resident treasure trove. Owned and operated by Ms. Paula Goodlette, this unique little shop has captured many hearts in the area. I love walking into a place and never knowing what I am going to find. People have asked me several times, where I like to go in our area to shop around for unique antiques or things that are hard to find, and I always have to gush to them about how completely amazing PJ’s is. Because honestly, I have never really been to another place like it. From glittering hat pins, glam 1950’s brooches, vintage baby layette sets, delicate depression glass bone dishes, to beautiful hand carved antique beds, worn books, vintage TIME magazines and kooky handmade aprons, this store is something
everyone should go and take in.

I was lucky enough to have had some one on one time with Ms. Goodlette and she showed me around her store yesterday, and spoke to me about the history regarding it’s location. The shop is located in the old Hazard A&P building, which was built by Goodlette’s grandfather in he 1950’s. I have heard many people speak of the old A&P, and share fond memories. My Grandmother used to shop there and my mom can remember being little and going with her.

Goodlette also had an indoor vendors mall in the location for 23 years, which I told her that I can remember going to with my Grandparents and Aunts when I was young. Later, this became PJ’s Attic when people started coming to her for answers on where to find antique used furniture. The idea just kind of took off. PJ’s also offers consignment services. If you have things that you want her to come box up and take back to her store to sell, she will do it for a commission, and you can also take things to her to be sold. She deals a lot with estate sales and liquidations also. The shop is rich in history, and even if you aren’t going in to buy anything, just going in to browse and soak up times gone by, will leave you with on a smile on your face. Even my two year old loves going in and looking at all the trinkets and toys.

 I loved the necklace and earring set on the left. If only I had somewhere fancy enough to wear it to!

PJ’s has a wide selection of antique jewelry, right down to furniture, glassware, pictures, nick knacks
, books, vinyls and basically anything you can imagine! I love going in to browse to see what she has brought in. When Kyle and I were first married, he bought me a silver antique cigarette case there that I absolutely ADORE. I have also purchased a seriously unique marble office ash tray there, and a beautiful Orvis briefcase for Kyle. She has great deals, is willing to negotiate and offers half off sales, and other seasonal options. She also in the process of expanding her space, and has opened up several more rooms in addition to her already sprawling inventory. There really is something for every one there!

So if you are ever in the area, this is one of those stores that you will want to go and tell you friends about. I love getting a glimpse back into simpler days gone by, and buying pieces to have in my home that reflect those by gone eras.

Above is the face book link to PJ’s Attic! If you have any questions, Paula is always more than helpful and always posts pictures of her new merchandise and is more than accommodating when it comes to her customers.

Happy Pickin everyone!

What will 30 dollars get you in a full day of Thrifting??

This morning I managed to have a mini vacation in the form of going thrifting, kid-less and husband- less. That meant I could browse for hours if I wanted to and dig through every dusty nook and cranny the stores had to offer. I have five dollars in cash, and I took my coffee to go. I always keep in mind what I am looking for before I go so I don’t waste any time on things that I don’t need. (It is easy to buy things that will just junk up your house, if you’re not careful). Today, I needed to find some pictures for my upstairs dining room, a picture for the downstairs living room, and I was on the outlook for a new book.

I didn’t get to Goodwill as early as I would have liked, but I pulled into the store at 10 o’clock. Off I went. I always go to house hold/furniture items first because those are the things that people pick through first. It is always iffy for me in this area at Goodwill. I like to come during seasonal transition periods because that is when everyone is cleaning out their houses and throwing their things out. With most things bought secondhand, you need to make sure that you properly check, clean and disinfect the pieces prior to bringing them in your home. Here is a good guide.

My Husband has been in the process of re-doing his office in our home, and he really loves pieces from the website Restoration Hardware. Everything from there is gorgeous, but not exactly budget friendly. I always keep an eye of for worn leather pieces, bar-ware, decanters or drink trays. I stumbled upon a mid century style leather chair for ten dollars that I knew he would like. It had a piece of upholstery torn from the arm but that was the only thing that seemed to be wrong with it. I figured I could drape a throw over it until I could find a way to have it repaired. For 10 dollars, I couldn’t pass it up.

Restoration Hardware – $2120.00



I’m so proud I got this for $10!

The picture on the left is the chair that I purchased. On the right is a comparable chair from Restoration Hardware. My find is used and of lesser quality, but my husband gets a similar look for his office. I also won’t feel sick to my stomach if my two-year old decides to hone his artistic skills on the leather. There is also the difference in price. I feel confident that we can use the $2,110.00 dollars difference on something more beneficial, like the bills for a few months.

After I had reserved the chair, (trust me, if you see a piece you want, go ahead and reserve it and have them put a sold sign on it. I have had people buy things right out from under me before, especially with a super cheap and super practical piece of furniture. People can be rude.) I went to see if they had any pictures that I wanted. I found a huge picture, framed and with a good mat and backing for 7 dollars. I wasn’t exactly crazy about the picture, but the frame alone was worth the money. I am still playing with idea of re-staining the frame a darker color. I went ahead and got it, I can always switch prints if I come across something that I like better later.

Before I left, I wanted to check out the coats, because I always like to see what the have. Sometimes I find really good stuff. I have A LOT of coats, way more than I need and I usually end up giving a lot of what I find away. I came across another vintage London Fog trench, but this one was much nicer than my previous one. It is a winter/all weather trench, that has removable fur on the inside for cold days. It was 5 dollars. Again, another steal.

I also picked up two stoneware, hand painted coffee mugs to display on my coffee bar/wine rack upstairs in my kitchen. I enjoy nice coffee mugs, I drink it every single day and I have a good collection of pretty ones that I set out on display. I gave a dollar for two that were matching. Even my husband liked them.

My last stop was Nu2U where I found a beautiful picture for 5 dollars. I had been looking at for a while. Actually, the picture is part of a set, and I first saw them in the ladies restroom at The Windy Corner Market in Lexington. I will have to keep my eye out for the rest of them. By the way, if you ever get a chance to eat there, do, everything is locally grown, and it is a super cute place! I also found a book for a buck that I have already read half of. Jack and Jackie. Of course, it would be a Kennedy book. Kyle laughs at me. It is a guilty pleasure.

 All in all, today was a good day for me. Everything in my house has been re-purposed or bought from a thrift store. As a first-starting-out couple with two kids, it just isn’t practical for us to go out and spend a ton of money on decorating and furniture when we have two rug rats that are just going to dirty it all up!

Mid-century modern armchair ————– $10.00
Large Interior picture ————————–$7.00
London Fog Trench ————————— $5.00
Medium Interior picture ———————- $5.00
(2) Stoneware mugs ————————— $1.00
Paperback ————————————— $1.00
A few hours to renew my sanity ————- Priceless
                                                         TOTAL:  $29.00

Good Luck out there!

The Art of Thrifting, Antique-ing and Yardsale Pickin.

My Aunts and Grandmother taught me how to thrift when I was about 10 years old. I was hooked. It was like a sport. Finding that special piece, or getting that fab vintage sundress for a buck. Is there any greater feeling?

Now that I am older, I still love doing it. I get my butt up at 8 30 and I hit every yard sale and second hand shop in town. I have actually gotten really good at it, to tell you the truth. I post a lot of what I find on my instagram and facebook and I have had a lot of people ask me how I do it. Well, I will give you my five tips that I use to help me get the best result for my days of thrifting.

1: If you are going thrifting, do not look like you have stepped out of the pages of glamour. If the person selling that gorgeous antique steamer chest sees that you are packing around an expensive purse and wearing top dollar clothing, chances are they are going to start the price out high because they will think you  will pay it. You can’t barter with somebody when you start out like that. They just won’t do it. All they will do is think you are cheap, sorry. Wear jeans and a tee shirt with sneakers or flip flops. Be normal. You don’t need to be all done up for anywhere where you will have to use antibacterial gel after you come out. Dust, people!

2: The early bird get the worm. Seriously. This is so important. Look in the paper or on the internet to see when places open, or when people are having a sale, whatever. First come first serve. Nothing is more of a downer than going somewhere that has been picked over.

3: In places like Goodwill, The Mission, or local second hand stores or peddlers mall, be friendly and have a good relationship with the people who work there or own the place. A lot of times if they get something they think you will be interested in, they will put it back or let you know when they have it so you can come see. They may also let you know when they are putting out new stuff and that is major.

4: Rely on facebook. I know this sounds funny, but a lot of peddlers will post items online when they get them. This, (I think) does take some of the fun out of it, but if you see something you HAVE to have, then you can message them and have them hold it for you. I found Kyle a beautiful Orvis leather briefcase at PJ’s Attic that I HAD to have. I called her and she kept it for me until I could round my kids up to go pick it up. I paid 50 dollars for it, I looked it up online on the Orvis website…..brand new they are almost 700 bucks.  Yep.

5: Take the time to scour the place you are going. Make a day of it. A lot of these places are slapped full of goodies. If you are in a rush, you may miss something amazing. When I go with my Mom, Aunts and Grandma, I get a sitter, tell my husband he will see me when he sees me and we go all out. Pack snacks, pop, take a cooler and enjoy your company. We have the best time. Sometimes we find awesome stuff, sometimes we don’t find a thing. But it is always an adventure, and to me that is what it’s all about.

I love getting vintage books for Greyson and River. I never pay over 25 cents for a book. I found these little golden books for a dime a piece. Greyson loves them, and they are also a cool way to decorate a nursery or kids room, they look beautiful in a bookshelf!

Glassware is also a favorite of mine. I love depression glass, carnival glass, McCoy, Hull, Roseville, Milk Glass and I have an extensive collection of Blue Willow China. The problem with glassware is that either the person (A.) Knows what the have is worth money and they price it pretty expensive or (B.) They just want to get rid of it. You can find a lot of good deals on glassware at Estate Sales, places like Goodwill or the Mission, because a lot of times they don’t know what they have. Beware of antique shops if you are looking for a deal on things like this. I recently went to a shop where they had my Carnival Glass punch bowl for sale for 300 dollars. Nobody wants to pay that. Come on.

When I go thrifting for clothing, I always look for durable, classic pieces that will work well with everything else in my wardrobe. Last year, at Goodwill, I found a vintage (1950)ish London Fog all weather trench coat for 5 bucks. It is identical to the one pictured above. I absolutely love it. I had it dry cleaned and I wear it all the time. It was in perfect condition and was a complete steal, it is one of my favorite things that I have ever found.

I like to look for unique dresses too. Especially in the summer. I love sun dresses, I can just throw them on and go. It is hard, (especially around here) to find something that not everyone else has. I have a collection of vintage sun dresses that I have picked up here and there that I get complements on all the time. I always have mine dry cleaned and pressed, it does make a difference. Sometimes those things have been in attics or not washed in years.

Happy Thrifting, everyone! I hope ya’ll find lots of treasures and pay almost nothing for them!!