The Mother Goose Boutique | The Bourbon Soaked Mom

If you think of Hazard, there may a few things come to mind. To those who call the town home, there is one distinctive house that everyone knows and loves: The Mother Goose.


Yes, the Mother Goose home is exactly what it sounds like, a home with a roof in the shape of a goose. Complete with it’s own set of blinking goose-eyes. I can’t make this stuff up, but it’s one of the many things that make our town unique. Hazardites have become so accustomed to the home being there, we rarely think anything about it, but others come from far and wide to get a glimpse of the Mother Goose home! The home has been featured on many national television shows, including the Oprah Winfrey show.



“When you get a gander at this house in Hazard Kentucky, you might think you’ve gone quackers, but it really is a Mother Goose house complete with egg shaped windows.  It’s been a fixture here for over 60 years.” – Oprah Winfrey


The Mother Goose has a long standing history with Hazard. Built in the 1930’s by George Stacy, the home was a labor of love and took nearly 6 years to complete. Most of the sandstone was hauled to the site by the Stacy family, which they got from the area’s various creeks and rivers. The Stacy family lived in the house until George passed away years ago. Why a goose? When George was little it was Christmas tradition to have a goose for dinner after it was picked clean, it’s bones made a fascinating shape. George told his parents that one day he’d live inside a Goose. Now we all have this beautiful home to admire. The house has been a gas station, a grocery store, and a convenient store in it’s time. There was also a period of time in the early 2000’s when it was a sort of bed and breakfast where you were able to stay in it overnight. Now the Goose has been given new life in the form of a quirky little boutique that is just as cute and eccentric as the home itself.


Shannon McIntosh has given us all a fresh breath of air in opening the Mother Goose Boutique, not just in opening a new business (which we desperately need) but allowing us ALL access inside the heart of Mother Goose. As a life long resident of Hazard, in all my years I’d never been inside until I wandered in Shannon’s store. Going inside the Goose (for me) was always something I had wanted to do. How could you not wonder about what the inside is like? Who wouldn’t want to make the trip just to say they got to go inside the famous Goose? The Mother Goose Boutique is located inside the goose nest. “The nest” was always the store front even when George and Marie had it with a live bear and monkey out front! This part was built in 1937. He built the home “the mother goose” in 1940. It’s a two bedroom very spacious one of a kind shape.


The Goose has been in Shannon’s family for nearly two decades, and she adds that they hope it always will be. When I visited her several weeks ago, I was enjoyed how quaint, and welcoming the atmosphere was and truly enjoyed my time in there just browsing and talking.

Shannon’s business is also helping local artisans and vendors and promoting Kentucky proud products, an idea that I have strongly advocated and supported since beginning my blog almost three years ago. I love when small business owners rally around their communities and give back to the people who support them, and that is exactly what Shannon is doing. The Goose serves as a mecca for those would want to sell their home made goods. The Goose has a wide variety of products from a children’s line that is designed and manufactured right here in Kentucky, to locally made goat’s milk soap and lotion, (which I swear by to help my eczema) wood working gifts, and signs, jewelry, holiday decor, and women’s clothing. The Goose will also deliver hand-picked gifts around town, including a wide range of bereavement gifts, or gifts “just because”.


There is truly something for everyone in the Goose boutique. The young, the old, and even the history buffs like myself who go in just to be nosy and who leave with arm-fulls of locally crafted goods, and a lot of East Kentucky pride.

If you’re in the Hazard be sure to check out the Mother Goose Boutique!

“Ky proud is our goal for the gift shop part of the boutique. We have some of the most talented folks here hidden in the mountains and their talents need displayed. We are so excited to bring life back into our precious gem tucked in these hills.” -Shannon McIntosh