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We have some exciting news from TBSM! The Bourbon Soaked Mom is now the first official brand ambassador for The Bluegrass Box! What is even more exciting is that I’ve learned the September box will be FULL of “Appalachian” goodies.


The Bluegrass box is a quarterly shipment filled with ALL “Kentucky” based products that coincide with a theme for that month. I am so excited to be promoting their products, because nothing makes me proud like being a Kentuckian. The Bluegrass Box really gives local businesses a chance to showcase their best and brightest products and ship them around the state, and the country! Another great deal for all of my TBSM readers is that now you can use the code BSM25 and get 25 percent off for all new subscribers!

How it works: The Bluegrass Box can be purchased two ways. You can opt to do a yearly subscription, or a quarterly subscription. The quarterly subscription renews every three months and is 35.00 dollars plus 5 dollars for shipping. The yearly subscription is 135.00 plus shipping and covers the entire year. You may also choose to cancel this anytime you’d like, but I wouldn’t see why you’d want to! All you have to do is sign up, and Bluegrass Box takes care of the rest!


The Bluegrass Box is a family owned business who truly loves and takes pride in their products and in the state they call home. Their mission is to showcase Kentucky proud artisans and allow their talents to shine.


“Our mission is to shine a spotlight on the artisan makers across the Commonwealth who are making amazing products, and introduce you to some of them along the way. Some may be new products, or some may come from a recipe that has been handed down through generations.  Kentucky is about tradition!

Daniel Boone once said, “Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place.” And our family feels the same way.  There is no place we would rather raise our sons. We are both life-long Kentuckians and have no plans to change that! We love that there are so many hard-working people that are making things with their hands across the bluegrass everyday.  Every three months you have the opportunity to receive a box of products that are uniquely Kentucky in The Bluegrass Box!  Our family loves the products that we include in each Bluegrass Box, and we feel confident that yours will too!”

After receiving the “June” box, it was clear to me that the theme was summer centered. Think cookouts, sweat tea, kids playing on the lawn and eating a nice, juicy steak. Southern traditions, but of course with a Kentucky twist. In the June Bluegrass Box I received:


  • Integritea Bluegrass Breeze- This amazing tea is flavored with passion fruit and mango which gives it it’s unique flavor.
  • Bourbon Barrel Foods NEW Barbecue Sauce-The tagline for this says it all, “Eat Your Bourbon”. You don’t have to tell me twice.
  • Shell-Bee’s Gourmet Steak Seasoning-This awesome steak seasoning can make ANYTHING taste good! I recently used it on cube steak in the crock-pot and it will absolutely knock your socks off!
  • Funky Junk Gifts Kentucky Coasters-Funky Junk gifts takes things that would normally be thrown away and turns them into works of art! These unique “Kentucky” coasters were formally a fence post. My husband ended up sneaking and stealing these from my house and are now proudly displayed in his law office waiting room! You can’t never have too much “Kentucky” stuff in your area!


If you’re a proud Kentuckian and want to discover amazing products that are from our great state, and support the shop local movement, be sure to subscribe to The Bluegrass Box! I look forward to my quarterly shipments because I absolutely love each and every single product they send me. Plus, getting to support small, local businesses who will be keeping their money in our area is something I always try to do, and obviously something I stress to my readers. It is SO important to buy local. Our communities THRIVE on this concept. Keeping our money in state and helping our locally owned shops will enable our small towns to grow!

You can also grab one of these super-soft Kentucky farm plate tees for 24 bucks! I absolutely love mine, and I’ve gotten so many compliments when I’ve worn it out!


To subscribe to The Bluegrass Box, please visit their official website at: & don’t forget to use the discount code for TBSM for 25 percent off!


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Hazard, Kentucky girl, born and raised. Daughter of Appalachia. Mother to two handsome boys. Wife to a hardworking, small town Attorney.

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  1. I love your blogs as usual. I would love if you would go to My. Sterling and write a blog on some of their small town stores. Complete with pictures and be sure to include your adorable G. I love seeing pictures of your boys, they are so cute. Be sure to stop in Stanton. Looking forward to your next Kentucky adventure.

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