Ad Space and Sponsorship Opporunties Available for TBSM

Ad Space and Sponsorship Opportunities Available for TBSM

No one is more surprised than I am by the success and well reception of this little blog I started in late August of last year. I started it as a hobby and it is steadily turning into something that is becoming a great tool for our community. I love showcasing the amazing parts and history of Hazard, as well as everything positive about Eastern Kentucky, and so far, the pieces I have written have been extremely well received, and I thank each and every one of you who have liked or shared me on social media, or told a friend about me! You are the reason I keep on doing this, and the exposure has been amazing.

With all of this being said, I have decided that there should be a way for the local businesses in Hazard and Eastern Kentucky to benefit from all the exposure I am getting as a result of the pieces I write. I have available advertising and sponsorship spaces for people who would like their business to appear on the blog for a nominal fee. If you are interested, I can also print you off an analytic page where you can view the kind of exposure and traffic I receive on both the website I own and my social media page for the blog.

This is a leap of faith for me. I never dreamed that anyone would even want to read what I write, but last night as I checked my latest blog post about MC Napier, I discovered that on Facebook alone I had garnered over 3,000 shares and over 10,000 views alone in one day for one post. I would love to be able to promote our local businesses and show people how amazing our little town, and Eastern Kentucky really is!

So, if you are interested, there is a downloadable pdf link you can go to under the “ad and sponsorship” tab in my navigation bar where you can see the dynamics of how purchasing either an ad or sponsorship will work. You may also email me at for any further questions and information.

-The Bourbon Soaked Mom

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Hazard, Kentucky girl, born and raised. Daughter of Appalachia. Mother to two handsome boys. Wife to a hardworking, small town Attorney.

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