Courtney Grubb-Hall is the owner/operator of The Bourbon Soaked Mom blog. She hails from Hazard Kentucky, is married to a small town attorney and has two sons. Courtney is a proud advocate for all things South Eastern Kentucky, and is a firm believer that Appalachia is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. She guzzles whiskey, collects vintage vinyls and sundresses, and writes about things most people think but never say.

TBSM has been published in Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, Kaintuckeean.com and The Geeky Press, with mentions in Pin Stripe Pulpit, and Eat Kentucky.

Courtney is also a contributing writer for elitedaily.com

“I love to promote Kentucky writers/businesses/blogs. Please, contact me via email or social media, if you or your business would like to be featured on The Bourbon Soaked Mom. I’m always proud to advertise all the wonderful things/people from my state.”

-Courtney G. Hall, The Bourbon Soaked Mom


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6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I absolutely love this Courtney and you and your boys are so beautiful and I think that is a positive for our little town……

  2. This is a great blog! My old high school buddies Sheepdog (Shawn Neace) and Shannon Stidham brought it to my attention. Keep on keeping on!

  3. So awesome to find your blog!! I am a SE KY native also. (Laurel County) Have been in/through Hazard lots in eons gone by. Look forward to coming back & looking around some more! (loved the pix/parenting perspective!)

  4. Letcher County native here currently residing right outside of Lexington! I totally miss our little diary bars/custard stands where you can get great food like this…. great blog!!

  5. If you’re traveling on hwy 7 south again and like to browse little antiquey-vintage type shops feel free to drop by my Shoppe, Delana’s Little Shoppe , and the other 5 shops on that road from Isom to Fusiona.

  6. A fellow Kentuckian sent me your blog and I love it. I went to school in Wolfe Co. But lived in Lexington.
    My Mama lived in Hazard and Brethitt Co. Her last name was Salyers and her Mama was a Herald.
    I never knew too much about Hazard because she died when I was young.
    I don’t know much about the history of the area and would love to learn from someone that lives there.
    Thanks so much for sharing, and hey, you never know I might run into a relative or two!

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