Miguel’s Cafe & Pizza. Slade, Kentucky. |The Bourbon Soaked Mom|

Tucked quaintly in the confines of one of Kentucky’s most beautiful geological landscapes, The Red River Gorge, Miguel’s Cafe has been a staple in Slade for over thirty years. With it’s bright yellow store front, rustic decor and friendly staff, Miguel’s is both welcoming and intriguing. If you can jostle your way past the scores of people who are bound to be outside camping, or getting ready to go hiking, you will find that Miguel’s has become somewhat of a mecca for the outdoorsy, adventurers who seem to usually find their way to the hot-spot to grab a slice of pizza and a cold Ale8.


Miguel’s started from humble beginnings when Michael Ventura, an artist originally from Portugal, tired of life in California and decided to move his wife and his children to a farm in Slade. The family saw opportunity in the form of renting an old store front called The Old Jottem Down Store. They named their new business venture The Rainbow Door, and served mostly ice cream. In 1986, the family decided they would try their hand at making pizza and Miguel’s was born. The rest is history. The Ventura family, over time, befriended and began to know all the hikers and rock climbers who frequented the area, and thus a campground was formed. The campground is called “The Camp Four of the East” and is pretty much always full!

red river

Miguel’s is known for their awesome pizza, with their own bread and dough that is baked in house from scratch. You can also order your meals to be gluten free. Other than pizza they have bean bowls, potato bowls and salads. You can also enjoy their awesome breakfast (french toast is my favorite) complete with coffee, soda, or a variety of different juices.


There is a variety of some pretty awesome merchandise at Miguel’s. They have their own branded tees or tanks for both adults and kids. Miguel’s also offers climbing, hiking and camping equipment.

I stop by Miguel’s almost every time we go to the Red River Gorge. It’s a beautiful little place with great food, and an even better atmosphere. Miguel’s has transformed itself into somewhat of an icon in the area over the last ten years, and people from all over the world come to eat here. It isn’t uncommon to sit around outside on the picnic table and meet climbers and hikers from all over. This makes Miguel’s unique and special. The gritty, rustic feel goes perfectly with the scenery and you can’t deny the good vibes you get every time you open those ornately carved doors.

Miguel’s is a truly unique, Kentucky proud restaurant and one that I am glad is only an hour away from my home. I can go anytime I want!

For more information about Miguel’s, visit their website!